Eco-Friendly Diapers Subscriptions Change Moms’ Life
Eco-Friendly Diapers Subscriptions Change Moms’ Life

Eco-Friendly Diapers Subscriptions Change Moms’ Life

Did you know the average baby goes through 5,000 diapers before being potty-trained? Yes! The diapers make up several million tons of waste every year. Luckily, diaper brands have come a long way on boarding the green wagon of environmental sustainability, offering disposable alternatives and diaper subscriptions that make going natural easier than ever with safe products for babies and for our planet Earth.

Jessica Alba (yes, the actress!) is the founder of one of the hottest eco-friendly companies in America, a wellness brand committed to protect your family's health and our environment with hundreds of non-toxic and eco-friendly products...

The star founded The Honest Company after the birth of her first child, Honor, since she had had negative experiences with harmful chemicals in products. She wanted to ensure that American kids were healthy, with no allergenic reaction to products in touch with babies skin.

brought in a team and built out our R&D lab in-house, so we actually have two labs in our office. And we have toxicologists, we have chemists that are there and a pretty robust R&D team in-house.

We do our own formulas in-house, and then we work with manufacturing partners to make it at scale. That's very differentiating compared to others in the marketplace where they normally relying on a third party manufacturer to help co-create create the formulas.

Check out their top product: babies and/or toddlers, try their eco-friendly diapers and training pants.

The world of disposable diapers became a revolution with The Honest Company's eye-catching, adorable prints diapers made of plants, with no chlorine, no bleach processing, no latex, fragrance or lotion.

By far the most well known eco-friendly diaper subscription, The Honest Company offers the option of subscribing to their diaper and wipe bundles, which save you time and money.

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