Strenghten Your Respiratory System with Oil of Oregano
Strenghten Your Respiratory System with Oil of Oregano

Strenghten Your Respiratory System with Oil of Oregano

By Catherine Garcia
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Oil of Oregano for Seasonal Allergy

The essential oil of oregano is well known among Alternative Medicine experts for protecting against certain bacterial infections. It also contains a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and cancer-suppressor agents.

It should not be confused with the popular seasoning. The medicinal oil of oregano is actually extracted from wild oregano plants. It contains two healthful compounds: carvacrol and thymol.

For centuries, the oil of oregano has been used for total health and wellness, but today it's especially valued for its immune, respiratory, and skin benefits. The oil of oregano scavenges free radicals, so it delivers antioxidants to our organism for good health and supports immune and respiratory systems naturally.

Great for Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Most customers use the oil of oregano extract for seasonal allergy symptoms with no need for over the counter medications, creams, or eye drops to relieve seasonal suffering. Products such as the Botanic Choice oil of oregano keep users feeling great all year long because the company ensures you're getting a consistent, healthy dose every time. So, you can use it safely anytime. However, you should review interactions and possible side effects if you're pregnant or someone with particular health conditions.

Regardless of some medical considerations to be discussed with your physician, the oil of oregano extract is a safe, natural alternative to drugs for almost everyone. ⊕


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